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About Stanford College Republicans

Against the backdrop of the pernicious leftist assault on our liberty and the moral fabric of our nation, challenging the left’s monopoly over American campus politics by exposing students to conservatism is crucial for the survival of conservatism in coming decades. If students are never exposed to conservative ideas during their education, it is inevitable that the vast majority of them will embrace the left’s tyrannical, anti-American agenda. Thus, our mission is simple: fight the left’s sinister agenda on the Stanford campus by giving as many students as possible the opportunity to hear conservative ideas, the truth about American history, and the cultural, political, and economic challenges that face our nation today. 

Our growth as an organization can be understood by dividing our history into two major phases. In Phase I, we overcame attempts by leftists both in the administration and in the student body to prevent conservatives from being heard; in Phase II, we will normalize conservative ideas at Stanford so that students no longer view conservatism and SCR as fringe or extreme, but rather they consider conservatism as a mainstream ideology worthy of debate and consideration.

SCR has fundamentally changed campus politics at Stanford such that the left is no longer able to deny students the opportunity to learn about conservatism and we have therefore successfully broken the barrier to entry into Stanford’s public square. Thus, we are now able to enter Phase II, where we are now able to ensure that conservatism goes mainstream at Stanford. By the end of Phase II, students will view SCR not as an extreme messenger of fringe ideas, but as the standard-bearer for a convincing, mainstream school of thought.

We unapologetically strive to conserve the principles that make America exceptional. Our organization believes that conservatism can be applied to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, or religion. We believe that the values of limited government, economic freedom, and the right to life are universal values, and our organization is a testament to the strength of conservative values to supersede any identitarian divide. This is important now more than ever, as the left will stop at nothing to divide our nation for political gain.

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