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Biden Regime is Putting Political Opponents on the No-Fly List

We now live in a country where the regime in power is putting its political opponents on no-fly lists. On April 27, Nicholas Fuentes, a political activist, learned that he is on the national no-fly list, when attempting to board a flight from Chicago to Palm Beach.

Fuentes is a legitimate political actor using the freedoms enshrined in our constitution to effect political change in this country. He is neither part of nor affiliated with a terrorist organization, and he has not done anything illegal. On January 6, 2021, he engaged in constitutionally protected speech and to protest an illegitimate election outside of the Capitol building. He did not enter the Capitol building at any time and did not commit a crime.

Conservatives should call this out for what it is: political persecution of a political opponent of the Biden administration. By putting Fuentes on the no-fly list, deep state leftists are making a gamble: they are using counterterrorism mechanisms meant to fight Islamic terrorists against a controversial political opponent that they know most on the right will be hesitant to defend. If they get away with this, then the precedent of persecuting political opponents simply for voicing opposition to government will be set.

After this dangerous precedent has been established, the left will slowly begin to use the power of the state to persecute more mainstream voices of opposition. That is why conservatives must take action now. Republican politicians must demand a full audit of the no-fly list. They should vociferously oppose Joe Biden’s nakedly partisan program of targeting and harassing Trump supporters.

Moreover, conservative Republicans should rebuff the inevitable and outlandish leftist response to conflate opposition to the persecution of Nick Fuentes with an endorsement of his offensive statements. Many conservatives, myself included, find Fuentes’ views on Israel, race, and other topics distasteful and wrong. As a strongly pro-Israel conservative, Fuentes is not by any stretch my political cup of tea. However, he does not deserve to be treated like a jihadist in his own country. If we do not confront this fascistic attack on free speech by the Biden regime, then it won’t be long before we are living in a country with about as much freedom as Russia or China.

- SCR Alumnus

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