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Governor Whitmer, Please Stop Holding Michiganders Hostage

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” America has never failed to unite in the face of a common threat. From the Great Depression and Second World War to the September 11, 2001 attacks, the great state of Michigan has always been at the forefront of the nationwide response, providing support in whatever ways possible. Michiganders built over a quarter of the nation’s World War II tanks and sent our first responders to New York City after 9/11. However, one cannot help but notice that we have not seen the same sort of effort in response to COVID-19 because of leadership that values personal political goals over its constituents.

Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer won the state’s gubernatorial election promising to “fix the damn roads.” I do not think anyone in Michigan would be upset if she was actually committed to fixing our roads while also promoting the welfare of Michiganders. However, this has not been the case during Michigan’s response to the Wuhan Coronavirus. Governor Whitmer’s double standards hold the people of Michigan hostage while furthering Whitmer’s political aspirations on both a state and nationwide scale.

Whitmer’s “Stay Safe, Stay Home” executive order had made it illegal for Michigan residents to travel between residences, purchase home improvement or garden section items, or even leave home without having to meet infeasible guidelines. The order as a whole exemplifies disappointing overreach and disgusting hypocrisy.

The executive order gave broad power to the government to determine who exactly was “essential” and could continue to work leading up to the state’s peak of COVID-19 cases. Time and time again, government intervention proves to be counterproductive, and unsurprisingly it was no different this time. The state was still getting its own construction projects done on schedule, but a two-person homebuilding business could not build houses for the average Michigander.

Michigan’s House Speaker Lee Chatfield expressed a sentiment that is held widely by many Michiganders: “The government shouldn’t be deciding who is essential. Everyone in Michigan is essential.” Indeed, we need to move forward while prioritizing the safety and livelihoods of Michigan residents. This can be done by allowing people in low-risk communities and workplaces to get back to work.

The people of Michigan are ready to resume their lives and provide for their families without dependence on the government. I can only hope that Governor Whitmer will realize that Michigan voters see through her empty words and do not believe her promise to have the best interest of Michiganders in mind.

Ethan Sperla

Proud Michigander

Internal Vice President

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