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Repeat after me: “I am a racist.”

Over the past few months, we’ve all seen the videos of Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs roaming the streets, and both physically and verbally attacking innocent civilians. In many cases, these Marxist thugs have overrun restaurants in broad daylight, forcing white customers to repeat phrases such as “Black Lives Matter,” or raise their fists as a symbol of black supremacy. While events like these still take place in our country, leftist have devised a discreet way to accomplish the same task. Under the guise of “equality”, leftist radicals have adapted Karl Marx’s theory of class consciousness to create what is now known as Critical Race Theory (CRT).

In an effort to brainwash working-class Americans, CRT and similar race sensitivity training have spread like a cancer throughout companies, organizations, and federal agencies in the United States. Like Marx’s theory of class consciousness, CRT aims to abandon any sense of unity by dividing citizens into groups of “victims”, and conquering the minds of each faction individually. In cult-like fashion, CRT programs force employees to recite self-hating, race-hating, or anti-American phrases, and demand that they apologize for their inherent “white privilege.” This is an attempt to brainwash white Americans into believing that any of their success in life has been a result of the United States being a systemically racist country. Employees who refuse to bend the knee are often fired, or face harsh disciplinary consequences. Make no mistake, the public submission demanded by leftist through CRT training is ideologically no different than ISIS fighters forcing Christians to renounce their faith, or face execution.

Having seen the damage that CRT and other anti-American movements have done to our country, President Trump has called for an ideological crusade against such programs. Recently, President Trump announced that he would prohibit all federal agencies and contractors from holding CRT training sessions, as it spreads leftist propaganda and promotes the false narrative that the United States is a racist country. We hope that this is only the first of many domestic attacks on ideologies that threaten the social fabric of our nation.


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