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Save Americans at All Costs

Every single American should rest fearfully tonight, knowing that Islamic terrorists – our stated, sworn enemies – are now controlling the reigns of Afghanistan.

A world divided against itself cannot stand: Western Judeo-Christian civilization cannot coexist with instable, corrupted, Islamic regimes, wherever they are present. It’s time we pick up our swords and divide the plunder; we must reassert our American greatness on the world stage, following this series of catastrophic failures by all levels of our government. We must not rest until our enemies are soundly in their graves.

It was February 1998 when the now exterminated terrorist Bin Laden released his magnum opus to the world, by publishing in a London Arabic newspaper an Islamic fatwa (a scholarly interpretation of Islamic law) claiming that America was (rightly) engaged in a war with the (false) god and his (false) messenger, Muhammed. Within the contents of this fundamentalist fiction, he stated it was the “duty of every Muslim who can do it” to murder Americans. The message spread like wildfire throughout the Muslim world. Just three years later he would coordinate the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Americans should continue to avenge the blood of our fallen brothers and sisters and eradicate the threat of Islam.

Now, it is 2021, and the threat of radical Islam is again present on the world stage. Central to the mission of Islam is the restoration of the great empires of the ancient Muslim world: a rebirth of cultural Islamic influence in the region. A sense of fundamentalism – which is terroristic extremism -- is fueling the flames of America’s downfall. This ideology has been present since the fall of autocratic nationalism became apparent in the late 1970s, as regimes across the Middle East destabilized. Americans must counter Islamic fundamentalism with Judeo-Christian absolutism. A return to greatness requires a reinvigoration of the timeless principles that built this nation.

With Afghanistan now under Taliban control, every American should feel threatened. Not only threatened, but righteously enraged: the Afghanistan withdrawal is one of the greatest failures of the American presidency. Withdrawal should have only occurred with victory. We did the opposite, relinquishing control of the Bagram base and giving away billions’ worth of military equipment. He is preparing us for destruction.

Americans must emerge victorious on the battlefield. Victory means the eradication of all Islamic terrorists. It means the elimination of all international cooperation with Islamic terrorist states and their sympathizers. It means perpetual U.S. control of the region’s economic, political, and social activity, for the spoils of war belongs to every American. It means stopping all Afghan refugees who did not side with the U.S. from entering this country, both now and forevermore. It means saving all Americans present in Afghanistan – immediately.

While our fellow citizens remain in Afghanistan, the president should not continue Washington corruption as usual. Nay! He must not rest until we have returned our troops home safely and vanquished all threats of the enemy. Instead of his presidential duties, Biden now thinks it is his job to dictate Congress as whip. Let it be clear reminder to the president: it is your constitutional duty to protect this nation as Commander-in-Chief. Should we lose any fellow American needlessly, then all forces of government must be mustered to remove any semblance of his administration from power. Only then can Americans sleep safely at night.

The blood of any American harmed by a potential terrorist attack will remain on the hands of Joe Biden. It will be up to us to avenge it.

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