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WHO or CHO? Communist China’s Coverup of the Coronavirus

Speculated that it might have originated from a Wuhan virology lab, the first reported case of coronavirus was in early December 2019. On December 30, 2019, Dr. Li Wenliang wrote a letter to his colleagues, warning them about a possible virus that resembled SARS. 1 The communist Chinese government forced him to denounce his own report as they did not want attention to be brought to this virus.

On December 31, 2019, Taiwan wrote an email to the World Health Organization (WHO) asking about the “atypical pneumonia” cases in Wuhan, China -- implying that this new disease may be similar to SARS. Despite telling the world that the virus was not transmissible from person to person, the actions of Chinese officials, who were testing and isolating potentially infected individuals, strongly indicated otherwise. The WHO ignored emails from the Taiwanese government with vital information about the virus. Taiwan has been barred from entry from the WHO because communist China claims that Taiwan is simply a province and not a sovereign nation.

Taiwan is a crystal-clear example of success in containing the coronavirus precisely because they ignored the lies of the communist Chinese government and the WHO. Given Taiwan’s distrust of the communist Chinese government and the lack of response from the WHO, the island nation began implementing a pandemic plan in the first few days of January. Mask production increased as Taiwan realized that to avoid a pandemic like SARS, they needed to take necessary precautions to protect their citizens. There are currently slightly over 400 coronavirus cases in Taiwan, which is remarkable given that Taiwan lies around 80 miles off the coast of China. In fact, before March 18th, the entire nation had less than 100 cases. On January 4th, experts in Hong Kong also agreed that the virus was potentially transmissible through human interaction. As the coronavirus began to spread, China ramped up their efforts to destroy samples and stifle reports. As late as January 14, the WHO continued to echo China’s sentiments that the novel coronavirus was not transmissible from humans to humans. Communist China’s coverup of the coronavirus started locally by silencing Dr. Li Wenliang, but China’s influence was made even more clear when Dr. Tedros, the Director-General of the WHO, consistently sided with mainland China. He has applauded China for how they “contained” coronavirus and claimed that China’s handling of the pandemic should be used as a model for other nations.

This pandemic has highlighted China’s influence in multinational organizations such as the WHO. As stated on their website, the WHO exists to “direct international health within the United Nations’ system and to lead partners in global health responses.” However, due to lack of accountability and communist sympathy within the leadership, the WHO has failed to protect the lives of people across the globe. By echoing China’s lies, the WHO’s complacency has caused hundreds of thousands to die of the coronavirus. As a multinational organization, the World Health Organization cannot be favoring and advancing the political agenda of a dishonest and brutally authoritarian nation. We must hold the Chinese communist government and the World Health Organization responsible and accountable for their coverup of the coronavirus.

Grace Lee

Executive Director

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