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Why Conservatives Cannot Allow Senator Thom Tillis to Lose

The future of our country could depend on whether or not North Carolina conservatives turnout and vote for Thom Tillis.

In this election, conservatives stand to lose more than perhaps ever before. The Democrat Party, a political machine that enables the insurrection roiling American cities, is poised to further institutionalize its Marxist, anti-American plans if it wins this November.

If Democrats triumph in the presidential election and the battle for the Senate, they will eliminate the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, pursue statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and grant citizenship to millions of illegals by executive fiat. The intent and likely result of these policies will be to eradicate the Republican Party, turning America into a one-party state.

Our strongest firewall against the left is undoubtedly Donald Trump. Conservatives must do everything in our power to keep him in office; his defeat would be catastrophic. Just as Trump overcame long odds in 2016, the odds are once again stacked against him, as the media’s lies about his handling of the coronavirus are costing him in key states.

The Senate map is also challenging for conservatives. Martha McSally is on track to lose, perhaps by double digits, in Arizona for a second time in as many years, and Colorado’s leftward swing will likely prove too strong for Cory Gardner to overcome.

That said, Republican Tommy Tuberville will rout Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama, and with Trump on the ballot, Republican Senators Steve Daines and Joni Ernst will hold the line in Montana and Iowa respectively, as both states have begun to vote more reliably Republican. Georgia’s two Senate seats will likely remain in Republican hands, due to the GOP’s partisan advantage and weak, divided Democrats there.

This leaves only two true toss-ups: Maine and North Carolina. Susan Collins, the four-term liberal Republican from Maine, has spent her career selling out the conservative movement, from voting to acquit Bill Clinton in 1997 to her decades-long pro-abortion voting record. Even if she wins, Collins, as the last vote in a 51-seat Republican majority, cannot be counted on to resist a Biden administration. Consequently, the chances of conservative survival in the political war for the soul of America may rest on the shoulders of one man: Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina.

Tillis is the quintessential establishment Republican. He has loyally followed Mitch McConnell’s lead, which has led to mixed results for conservatives. Tillis pushed amnesty, and voted to eliminate budget caps, key reforms the Tea Party movement fought hard to implement. Tillis should have been more forceful in speaking out against the BLM/Antifa insurrection and its assault on American history, heritage and identity. According to Conservative Review’s Liberty Score, Tillis scores below 50%.

Understandably, Tillis has not earned the trust of many conservative Republicans in North Carolina. While Trump runs even with or slightly ahead of Joe Biden in most North Carolina polls, Tillis consistently runs behind Cal Cunningham, his leftist opponent, by anywhere from 3% to 9%. The reason for the Trump-Tillis gap is obvious: only 53% of North Carolina Republicans approve of Tillis’ job performance, while Trump’s approval among North Carolina Republicans is north of 90%.

As conservatives, we have every right to be frustrated by politicians like Tillis, but withholding our votes in protest is not the answer, especially not in 2020.

Tillis may have disappointed us in many respects, but his unwavering loyalty to McConnell during a Biden presidency could prove invaluable, as McConnell has held firm on keeping leftists off the courts. Despite Tillis’ moments of weakness, his success or failure this November may well be the difference between a 51-49 GOP majority, and a 50-50 Democrat Senate with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking ties, the latter of which would certainly put another Alinskyite radical on the Supreme Court and pack lower courts with leftist activists.

Like most establishment Republicans, Tillis’ positions are malleable. He penned an op-ed opposing President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to fund the border wall before changing his position just in time for the vote, presumably under conservative pressure. Tillis can win if North Carolina conservatives step up to the plate, pull the lever, and yes, even drag their family and friends to the polls, as they will do for President Trump. If Tillis does win, conservatives will be in a position to pressure him, and every other Senate Republican, to undermine and resist the Biden-Harris Marxist agenda at all costs.

If conservatives are willing to work together to keep up the pressure after the election, we have the power to push a Republican Senate to stand up and fight. However, we will have no hope of stopping the Democrats if they control all three branches of government, giving them absolute power over America. Thom Tillis may not have earned your vote yet, but the consequences of letting him lose could be irreversible and catastrophic for our country.

- SCR Alumni


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