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Stanford College Republicans Endorses StopTheSteal @ Stanford


Stanford College Republicans Endorses StopTheSteal @ Stanford

The Stanford College Republicans are proud to endorse StopTheSteal @ Stanford. STS@Stanford is a campaign to force state legislatures across the country not to concede or certify this election until it is determined with absolute certainty that no fraud has taken place. The American people are entitled to a fair and transparent process.

What’s at stake here is bigger than a single presidential term. If we cannot trust our elections to faithfully reflect the will of the people, then we will not survive as a nation.

We intend to take the following actions. First, we are applying public pressure to key figures in five contested states, letting them know that the American people demand election integrity, irrespective of the premature declarations of the Associated Press and other left-wing media outlets. Second, we are reaching out to families, friends, small businesses, and like-minded colleagues across the country and providing them with the resources to do the same. Finally, we will work hard to support every politician who takes action to defend the integrity of our elections.

If you would like to assist us in any of these endeavors, we encourage you to reach out to us at

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